Cost-Effective Car and Box Trailer Hire in Keynsham, Bristol

A car transporter trailer is an extremely useful tool, and we have the finest trailers available for your use. With a car transporter trailer and box trailer hire available, our experts in Keynsham, Bristol, have the item you are looking for. Whether you need a short or long-term rental, our experts match your needs to the correct option. Perfect if you are moving home or travelling long-distance, we have a range of sizes to choose from.

Meeting Your Requirements

Available to hire on a daily basis, our flexible trailer hire service allows you to choose exactly when you require the trailers, so that you save money. Special weekend rates are offered, and driver rentals are also available for an efficient service. Our team also offer refrigeration trailer hire and maintenance for longer journeys. View the specifications and example prices below:

Technical Specifications

  • Car Transporter Trailer
    • Width 6.2ft
    • Length 13.8ft
    • GVW 2700kg
    • Load capacity 2200kg
    • Comes with all necessary straps
    • Box trailer
      • Width 4.10ft
      • Length 7.10ft
      • Height 6.0ft
      • GVW 1422kg
      • Load capacity 1000kg
      • Perfect for camping and house-moves

                Example Prices

                • Car Transporter Trailer 
                  • Day rate - £35
                  • Friday to Monday - £60
                • Box Trailer 
                  • Day Rate £30
                  • Friday to Monday £50

                CONTACT US DAN, to obtain more details on our trailer and box trailer hire services.